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Radiant Energy Barriers in Springfield, Virginia

Keep your home at a comfortable temperature with radiant barrier and foam sealing from Discount Energy Services in Springfield, Virginia. Our professional insulation contractor and technicians provide the perfect service for your home or business.

Radiant Barrier

Our company uses Silver Shield™ by Fi-Foil®, which is the best radiant barrier on the market. This is installed under the rafters and reflects the heat out of the house in the summer, and back into the house during the winter.

Foam Sealing

Additionally, we foam seal attics and crawlspaces for air leaks, using a fire-rated foam. Other foam products are available as well. Please call us at (703) 550-0035 for details from our insulation contractor, who is an energy conservation specialist.

To get your best foam sealing package, we recommend removing the existing insulation. Insulation removal is usually only done if it has been contaminated by rodents, or is letting off a strong smell. Removal allows a very thorough foam sealing job prior to the new insulation being installed.

Contact us to request an estimate for energy barriers from our company in Springfield, Virginia.

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